Beehive Mine Chimney

The Beehive Chimney stands out against the skyline. It is a testament to the bricklayer who built it. Completed in 1863 and standing 30 meters high, it is the only one of it's age and size still standing in Victoria. The builder's name, is unfortunately not known. Two meters were removed from the top after damage from a lightning strike in 1923 and there has been some repair work at the base.

You can park and walk up to the steps toward the chimney. On the left you will pass the remains of the shaft of the "New Beehive Company," one of Victoria's biggest gold producers.

Adjacent to the chimney can be seen the stone and brick substructures for the boilers and steam engine that provided the power for the mine. Some time after the mine's closure in1911, the chimney was purchased by T.B. Brooks (store in Templeton St) and W.E. Preece (town notary) as a monument to the gold won in Maldon and the town's pioneers and miners.