Butts Reserve

As you make the ascent up Mt Tarrangower, you will find the Butts Reserve. It is a clear space to the right and left of the road, with amenities on the left and a stunning rock formation on the right. Also on the right, behind the stand of poplar trees, are the remains of the Maldon Brewery. The existing house was originally the manager's residence. This area features natural water springs that attracted breweries from as early as 1854. The remaining stone structure, now on private land, may date from the 1860s and was developed by Charles Bryant. By the early 1900s the Maldon Brewery was noted as the largest non-mining industry in Maldon.

The Butts Reserve site is site of the Annual Maldon Folk Festival, and the Hill Climb, during which acess to the Butts Reserve is limited

Free camping is also permitted here throughout the rest of the year. The annual Hill Climb is also held on the mountain. Beginning at the Reserve and continuing up and down the mountain, it is one of the oldest surviving Hill Climbs in Australia.

The views as you continue your ascent are clear and extensive. There are stopping points along the way which can provide a view all the way to the Grampians.