Taste of Gold Food & Wine Trail

The Taste of Gold Food & Wine trail meanders along the track originally used by the miners and traders of the gold rush era. The towns of Maldon, Welshman's Reef, Newstead, Guildford, Yandoit and Dunolly all prospered around the magical gold ore. Now, one hundred and fifty years later, these tracks are traversed by wine makers, orchardists and farmers, creating abundant produce to replicate the golden era.

The Upper Loddon region has won many wine industry awards and boasts over ten vineyards, producing a wide variety of wines in traditional and modern styles. Many of these wineries provide a unique and truly memorable cellar door experience, and our eateries offer country hospitality at it's best, bringing together notable historic settings with wonderful contemporary food and wine. Not far from the trail is Cairn Curran Reservoir, a delightful place to take time out and relax - fishing, sailing or picnicking. The reservoir is fed by the Loddon River, which nurtures the land, the farms and vineyards and the people who live nearby.

Come and experience history, drive or ride your bike along open country roads, and take home some golden memories.

Maps are also available at the Visitor Information Centre, Guildford.
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